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Au Ver a Soie for Loop Wool Embroidery Sets

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Just launched at Loop!

These sets were the outcome of a great collaboration between Au Ver a Soie, the fabulous long-established thread company in Paris with Loop!
Each set is a collection of seven colours. The threads are perfect for embroidering on wool with wool. They're very beautiful and are perfect for embroidery and visible or invisible darning and mending. They could also be used for tapestry and cross-stitch.

 We also have these treads available as individual twists in these and other colours. 

Loop pastels: 4102, 5382, 1421, 2808, 2211, 4633, 1012

Iced Pastels: 3221, 4632, 511, 4002, 2140, 3220, 3423

Neon sets colours: 125, 1666, 913, 514, 1034, 512, 1727

Earth set colours: 2770, 3084, 1760, 2636, 2554, 3825,4141

Crayon set colours: 2924, 1343, 543, 1727, 215, 4098, 4106 

Black to White Set: 4106, 4098, 3225, 3108, 1811, 3220, 4102

These wool threads will be perfect for embroidering on knits, as seen in Judit Gummlich's book, Embroidery on Knits, Anna Nikipirowicz's Embroidered Crochetand Britt-Marie Christoffersson's Embroidery on Knitting.


Since 1820 Au Ver A Soie, a family-run business, has been producing the most high-quality silk threads that can be used for embroidery, visible mending, jewellery, and tapestry.
We're very happy to have their beautiful threads here at Loop. Pure silks, spun silk, metallic thread, and now these beautiful wool threads.