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We are very excited to have received some of Heather Evans Smith's beautiful self-published monograph "Alterations".  

Heather has signed all of our copies!

"I was born on her birthday. My granny was the greatest love and loss of my childhood. My fondest memories were in the alterations department in which she worked, getting lost amongst the whir of machines, boxes of discarded buttons and dressing rooms. It was a playground of sorts, and my most vivid memories of a relationship that ended too soon. Growing older I’ve discovered that I knew very little about her as a person, remembering only the love that was given."

These photographs serve as metaphors for the way we alter, mend, and piece together memories, in order to make sense of what we have lost.

Alterations is the second monograph and first self-published book of Heather Evans Smith.

“I want my photographs to tell stories. And I want stories that come from moments of life, like a still from an old movie. Movement and pain and the simple joys of being alive are frozen in time. only a glance is needed to read the lines between people and find the story.”

Heather Evans Smith’s work reflects her southern roots, motherhood, womanhood and a whimsical imagination she relied on as an only child in a rural town. Smith’s work has been featured in solo and joint exhibitions internationally and nationwide, magazines, literary journals and online publications.

Hardcover, 9x9 inches
50 pages / 21 color images