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Addi CraSy Trio Needles

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Addi’s CraSy Trio is the latest solution to DPN-free small circumference knitting.

With this 3-piece set of flexible sock knitting needles, now, even the smallest diameters can be knitted very easily, and without getting tired.

This is possible due to the particular bendiness of the middle part, and the combination of one BASIC- and one LACE tip. Each tip is 85 mm long connected by a 40-mm cable. When knitting in rounds, the stitches are distributed over two needles and the third needle is used for easy knitting – meaning only two needle changes per row. Due to the flexible middle part, the needle fits into any hand, and so ensures a very pleasant knitting experience. They can also be used as cable pattern needles.
Many thanks to Rachel Coopey for the use of her image!

Coop Knits says:

Addi Crasy Trio Needle Review

"These needles are a kind of DPN (double pointed needle) and circular needle hybrid, the set consists of three 'hinged' double pointed needles. Each needle has a sharp and blunter tip.

I usually knit socks using the magic loop technique, I use an 80cm circular needle. I don't love knitting with DPNs, I find it easier to get a ladder between needles, the tips of the needles get caught in the cuffs of whatever I'm wearing and I lose the loose needle every time I put the sock down. The Crasy Trio seems to solve the ladder issue, the caught in the cuff issue seems reduced and the losing the third needle is still a problem. 

It took me a while (maybe 10 rounds) to get used to these needles and work out the best way for me to hold them but once I did, I liked them. A lot. The advantage of these needles over standard DPNs is the stitches of your sock (or other item worked in the round) are divided over two needles, you use the third needle to knit with. Because there are one, or more likely, two less needle transitions, knitting with these should be faster and smoother than traditional DPNs. The joins between the needle tips and the short cable are all pristine - I have always found Addi needles to be very high quality. "

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