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Old Maiden Aunt

Old Maiden Aunt


All yarn from Old Maiden Aunt has been hand painted in Scotland.
The base that Loop stocks is exclusive to Loop.

For the most part, the sportweight yarns are dyed either as single, one-off skeins, or in small batches of 2-3 skeins per colourway. Lilith says...

"I decided to make the new yarn collection in the same way that i’d make a mixtape for a friend – based around songs that I love & that I think everyone else should know about. Each colourway is inspired by a lyric from one of my favourite songs - I've tried to capture in colour what I hear in the words & music that I love. Each colourway also has tones in common with many of the other colourways in the collection, so that they work together the same way a good mixtape should."