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Sophie Digard - Sweet Woodruff Brooch

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A very beautiful hand stitched, embroidered and crocheted brooch from Sophie Digard.
A very special one!

Size: Approx 10cm (4") from the tip of the wire to the top of the flower.
There is a brooch pin on the back.

Hand embroidered and stitched in Merino threads. 
Entirely hand-made.

Each petal of the sweet woodruff flower is hand sticthed on the softest merino fabric.
The pistil is beautifully embroidered with couching stitches.
The back of the pistil is entirely hand crocheted.

"This object is unique. It is the fruit of an encounter between Sophie Diagrd's intuitive and meticulous creative work and artisanal know-how. 
Since 1999 Sophie Digard has been designing accessories and textile objects in her Paris workshop. 
Every object is then crafted entirely by hand in natural materials after a long process of preparation. 
Work on colour is of prime importance. Inspired by the infinite variation of natural elements, Sophie Digard proposes creations that defy the dictates of time. 
We hope that this story will continue with you."

100% merino wool.

Hand crocheted. Entirely hand-made.

All handmade and sale items are not returnable. 
Sophie Digard items are not returnable.