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Sajou Scissors - Mother of Pearl style Swan Scissors

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We are receiving more of these soon!  These are now collectors edition scissors as they are so hard to come by. They are so beautiful and have been made with such meticulous craftsmanship.

These spectacular scissors depict two graceful swans backed. Its' branches mimic nacre, the material that was used to make many formerly delicate sewing items.

In the nineteenth century, these embroidery scissors required the expertise of a cutler for steel blades and that of a toymaker for the working mother of pearl. Today, the division of labor is somewhat similar: steel blades are manufactured by a ciselier, while the branches are developed in our own workshops.

Unlike older models, it is extremely light, very pleasant to use. A quality pair of scissors can be recognized, among others, by its' pairing marks (here "47"): they are the sign of perfectly fit branches, right from the start of production. These scissors, pompom, and medallion included, are made entirely in France. Their production can require the craftsmenship of a dozen qualified people.

Height: 11.8 cm.

This is made of imitation mother of pearl.

The scissors come in a SAJOU box. Inside the lid, a tag describes the manufacturing process.