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NONA Naturally Dyed Thread Twists

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Naturally dyed thread twists of colours created for Loop.
Very beautiful for embroidery, mending, visible mending, and all kinds of stitching.

Dyed in Tokyo, Japan.

Natural Dye - Hand dyed
All of the twists of thread are dyed using plant-based and natural dyes in Tokyo, Japan.
Each twist is 12.5 metres (1250 cm).
Beautiful for embroidery or very fine crochet.
100% Cotton.

We also stock cotton thread bundles hand-dyed with Indigo and Logwood in a palette of blues as well as other naturally dyed colours.

* Please avoid direct sunlight on the threads.
* Please enjoy uneven colouring, fading as delightful characteristics of natural dye.

Dyed with the following:

Y2 - Pagoda Tree
Y4 - Onion
G23 - Butterbur
B19 - Logwood
R1 - Madder
R9 - Madder
R5 - Madder

R10 - Madder
R25 - Red Cherry Leaves
R29 - Avocado

R30 - Red Cherry Leaves
P13 - Cochineal
P14 - Cochineal
P23 - Logwood
E16 - Walnut
S10 - Echinacea
S11 - Sunflower