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Mominoki Yarns

Mominoki Yarns

The natural merino wool originates from the alpine uplands in Southern Germany. It’s spun in a small spinning mill owned by a family in the 3rd generation. They get the wool from the local shepherds in the surroundings.  

Sustainability is at the core of the process. The spinning process at the mill makes sure no wool is wasted. Any unusable wool is pressed into pellets and used as biological fertiliser and heat for indoors and water.  

The sheep roam the meadows of the alpine uplands and are only in the shelter when there is too much snow or after shearing.  The entire process from rearing the sheep to dyeing the yarn is completely made in Germany.  

We love the ethos of this beautiful hand dyed yarn and are proud to stock it at Loop. 


  • Mominoki - Silk Mohair


    Hand dyed silk mohair by Mominoki Yarn is made of a blend of mohair and silk.We use kid mohair, which only consists of the first hair of the angora...

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