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Mimster Original Beechwood Embroidery Hoop

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 mimster Brand Embroidery Hoop

Highly recommended and beloved by Tomomi Mimura, who dedicates 8 hours a day to her embroidery craft!

We also have some of Tomomi Mimura's wonderful mosaic embroidery kits that are perfect for these hoops!

These embroidery hoops, made from beautifully grained beech wood, are meticulously made in Japan.

  • Firmly holds fabric in place.
  • Easy to grip with a slim frame height of 7mm.
  • With mimster logo.
  • Material: Beech Wood
  • Size: 10.5cm in diameter
  • Made in Japan

Tomomi Mimura is from the southern island of Okinawa and currently lives near Tokyo. She is an artist and a creator of mosaic darning. Tomomi came across mosaic tiles in Guell Park in Barcelona which served as an inspiration to create her unique "darning embroidery" for her whimsical illustrations made of darning pieces or "tiles".