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Mehlsen Naturally Dyed Sets

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We've put together beautiful sets of 6 cakes of Mette Mehlsen's naturally dyed organic wool threads.
In a set of greens + blues, and purple + yellows.

*Please keep in mind the photos you see are a representation of one set of colours. As they are hand-dyed with natural colour each set will vary in the exact shades, but they will certainly be a collection of the named colours (blues + greens, etc). 

Plant dyed By Mehlsen is organic wool that is hand-dyed with plants handpicked in nature around the western part of Jutland, Denmark by Mette Mehlsen. Dyed on wool from white and grey sheep using Heather, Dock, Walnuts, Oak Leaves, Cochineal, Indigo and Madder.

Plant dyed yarn is magical in the sense that largely all colours and nuances match each other – it gives new possibilities to compose and creativity can flourish.

Loop loves having these beautiful bundles of naturally hand-dyed wool in our shop. 
The wool is Organic KbT certified by IMO.
Use for crochet, embroidery and fine knitting. The whole palette is just so beautiful.

It is very important to bear in mind that each ball of yarn varies from the natural dyes and cannot be repeated exactly.

When ordering this beautiful yarn online, please bear in mind that each ball might vary from the images on the website as there are variances in the dyes even within the same batch that is dyed for us. Please be aware of this. They really are all beautiful, but all have differences.

Weight: Each ball is about 5 grams. 
Length: 65-70 metres
Care: Excess plant and dye residue may occur. Careful handwash. Hand-dyed in Denmark.

Plants and natural materials used in making the dye colours:
Wild Chevril, Blue Sapwood, Madder, Indigo, Tansy, Heather, Oak Leaves, Walnuts, Dock, Reed, Cochineal
Tansy overstained with Indigo
Heather overstained with Indigo or Reed
Dock overstained with Indigo
Oak leaves overstained with Indigo
Walnut overstained with Indigo
Blue Sapwood or Cochineal overstained with Indigo
Heather or Oak Leaves overstained with Cochineal