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Mimster Kit - Mosaic Embroidery Bear

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We are expecting more of these wonderful kits around mid July.

Create an embroidered work of art with the Mimster Kit - Mosaic Embroidery Bear! 

How cute are these mosaic embroidered Bear charms?  We love them! 

This kit allows you to create the Bear Charm featured in the Embroidery with Darning Stitch Book by Tomomi Mimura .

These kits are perfect for beginners as well. 

What is Mosaic Darning?

A unique technique that uses drawing in a mosaic - like style using darning, pioneered by Tomomi Mimura, the founder of "mimster". Her whimsical and colourful world view is mainly created using the technique of mosaic darning.

The kit includes:

  • mimster yarn 10 colours 
  • lace thread black & white 
  • patterned linen cloth
  • needle
  • hand sewing thread
  • cotton
  • leather strap
  • charm parts
  • Jump ring

Size when finished : (4cm x 2.5cm)

Photos are courtesy of @ _shimomura and are for reference only.  The colour of the yarn varies from kit to kit. 


Tomomi Mimura is from the southern island of Okinawa and currently lives near Tokyo. She is an artist and a creator of mosaic-darning. Tomomi came across mosaic tiles in Guell park in Barcelona which served as inspiration to create her unique "darning embroidery" for her whimsical illustrations made of darning pieces or "tiles".