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ENNESTE Naturally Dyed Embroidery Threads Box

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This is the most perfect gift for anyone into stitching, and embroidery. A little box of treasure!

Enneste Tokyo in collaboration with Hiromi Fujimoto.

Designed by Hiromi Fujimoto Couture, Tokyo and Paris


Hand-dyed by ENNESTE Tokyo, JAPAN with colour and materials selected by Hiromi Fujimoto.

19 naturally dyed different threads per box of silk, mohair, cotton, bamboo, linen and merino wool!

Please note that these are naturally dyed threads, and there will be some variation with colours. The boxes are all the same, but will vary slightly. 

Several months were spent in getting the colour just right on different materials.  8 different types of thread have been naturally dyed and we think the result is absolutely stunning! The soft and delicate colours are so beautiful! The box is very beautiful too with an illustration by 


Anna Hashimoto based on her original coloured pencil drawings and inspired by Hiromi's embroidery work.  

1. Cotton - 140m - dyed with Logwood (100% cotton)

2. Cotton - 140m - dyed with Avocado (100% cotton)

3. Cotton - 140m - dyed with Japanese Pagoda Tree (100% cotton)

4. Silk - 15 m - dyed with Indigo & Garcinia subelliptica (100% silk)

5. Silk -15 m - dyed with Madder (100% silk)

6. Silk & Cashmere - 11m - dyed with Avocado & Madder (55% Silk / 45% Cashmere)

7. Silk & Cashmere - 11m - dyed with Garcinia subelliptica (55% Silk / 45% Cashmere)

8. Silky Merino -11m- dyed with Cochineal (50% Silk / 50% extrafine merino)

9. Silky Merino - 11m - dyed with Garcinia subelliptica (50% Silk / 50% extrafine merino)

10. Mohair- 5m- dyed with Madder (70% Mohair / 30% Wool)

11. Mohair -5m - dyed with Madder (70% Mohair / 30% Wool)

12. Merino Wool -6m - dyed with Indigo (100% superwash extrafine merino)

13. Merino wool - 6m - dyed with Indigo & Garcinia subelliptica (100% superwash extrafine merino)

14. Bamboo  - 6m- Garcinia subelliptica( 65% superwash extrafine merino / 20% bamboo / 15% silk)

15. Bamboo - 6m- dyed with Cochineal (65% superwash extrafine merino / 20% bamboo / 15% silk)

16. Linen - 11m - dyed with Crepe Myrtle (100% Linen)

17. Linen - 11m - dyed with Madder & Cochineal (100% Linen)

18. Superwash Merino Wool - 7m- dyed with Indigo & Garcinia subelliptica 


(100% superwash extrafine merino)

19. Superwash Merino Wool - 7m- dyed with Madder (100% superwash extrafine merino)

Hiromi Fujimoto is a Tokyo/Paris-based fashion designer with her label HiROMi FUJiMOTO. 


Hiromi worked as a pattern maker for top fashion designers in Paris before starting her label in 2015.
Her time at Givenchy and the artists she encountered inspired her beautiful and unique embroidery designs, using French and Luneville embroidery techniques learned at École Lesage Paris.

The box cover is illustrated by Anna Hashimoto. Anna Hashimoto is a textile artist and designer specialising in weaving, dyeing and illustration. 

Produced by:


The brand name ENNESTE is based on the Hungarian word "EN ES TE (me and you)", the language of the country where, Naho Izumi lived, and the Japanese word "circle/en". Naho's roots lie in dying cotton threads as part of the creative team of Temaricious. 
Enneste products are dyed with what they call “ENNESTE colour”. Enneste colour is all about natural or regular dye in harmony with nature and soft natural colours.