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Hikaru Noguchi Handmade Darning Mushrooms

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More of these beauties have just arrived from Tokyo!

Handmade in Japan and designed by Hikaru Noguchi.

There are two styles of these wooden darning mushrooms- each with a great style and usefulness. 
There is a hand painted toadstool mushroom and one with a detachable elastic ring on it which is great for holding the 'fabric' in place (not knit fabric through as it might catch). This one has a thinner base that can also be used for working with gloves and thinner pieces.
Both designs are stamped with the Hikaru Noguchi emblem.

Handmade in Japan

We stock Hikaru's beautiful book Darning; Repair, Make, Mend and Darning Repair Make Mend Vol 2 as well!

Plain: 9cm (3.5") long x 8cm (3.15") top width ('cap')
Painted Toadstool: 9.5cm (3.75") long x 7.5cm (3") top width ('cap')
With Ring: 12.5cm (5") long x 8cm (3.15") top width ('cap') (does not stand)