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LYKKE 6" Crochet Hook Sets

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Made of strong birch wood, the LYKKE crochet hooks, just like their knitting needles, are very smooth and light. With their warm character, the hooks are easy on the hands and the eyes - a true pleasure to work with.
The sets are available in three different colours with a convenient zipped pocket for other haberdashery and a velcro stand for your hooks. 

The denim grey case includes driftwood coloured hooks. The Fuchsia Denim case includes the blush colour birchwood hooks and the Umber case includes a golden umber coloured set of birchwood hooks. 

These are the most beautiful set of Crochet Hooks we have ever seen.

All of the hooks have both metric and US sizes etched on them. 

The Crochet Hook set includes: HOOKS -10 pieces

US E-4 / 3.5mm
US F-5/3.75mm
US G-6/ 4mm
US 7/ 4.5mm
US H-8/ 5mm
US I-9/5.5mm
US J-10/6mm
US K-10 1/2  / 6.5mm
US L-11 / 8mm
USM-13 / 9mm