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Pumpkin Harvest - CaMaRose

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Designed by  Lene Søholm

Pumpkin harvest offers round, long, button and bottle shaped pumpkins. They are easy to crochet and gives a cozy autumn feeling on any still life or party table, as decorations.
This collection of patterns includes 4 basic models, that can be varied in look and size, depending on the number of stitches, the amount of filling and the sewing of the ridges. You get 4 basic patterns and guidance for 34 different pumpkins varied with simple techniques.

Lamauld and Lamatweed from CaMaRose (for the pumpkins)

Yaku (for the stem and for sewing the ridges)

Yarn requirement:
8-20 grams.
The yarn requirement depends on which and how many models you want to crochet. An estimated yarn requirement is given by every pattern and model.
It is important to get the correct gauge to obtain the right look and yarn requirement.

Crochet gauge in Lamauld from CaMaRose with 3.5 mm crochet hook: 10sc/dc x 10 rows = 5 x 4 cm.

3½ mm hook (The hook size is for guidance only. Always choose the hook size that gives you the correct gauge).

Filling: Toy stuffing or coloured wool is recommended.

Darning needle is recommended to sew the ridges.

Sewing thread for sewing on the stem.