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Twirl Ditto | Meatloaf | Natural Dyes

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Meatloaf is a blend of Mary's Gottland/BFL most favourite ram on her ranch. 
This is a blend of meatloaf and his sheepy friends, with his little angora sheep pals and baby alpacas that are part of his special group.

When dyed, Meatloaf is dyed with natural dyes and the colour is fixed with gathered seawater from the Pacific Ocean. I can't imagine any more love and care going into a cake of yarn. 

We also stock Meatloaf in its' undyed state which can be seen here

Twirl Yarns - We love this story! Each skein is handled from fleece to skein with the utmost loving care. These yarns are light as a feather and so soft. Totally beautiful to work with.

The gauge varies a bit from 16 to 24 sts per 10cm with 180 to 200 yards per 50g cake depending on Mary's whimsical combination. These are the natural colours of the fibre, which are exquisite in their own right. 

 Gotland, BFL, Angora Goat Kid Mohair and baby Alpaca.

Care: Handwash and lay flat to dry.

Twirl yarn comes from a small company in Napa Valley California . It is a world of sheep, angora goats, alpacas, llamas, a few angora rabbits, and Mary. 
Some of Mary's most valuable tools are her livestock guardians. Twirl Ranch uses guardian dogs, donkeys, llamas and alpacas! Mary uses the fibers the animals produce to make a rustic yarn that is the culmination of the Twirl Ranch land. Many of the plant dyes used are grown right on the ranch. 
Mary raises her animals to graze on the land, and they in turn produce incredible fibers that she then washes, and blends together, then takes to her local wool mill, Yolo Wool Mill, for spinning into yarn. 
Then, once home, she dyes, or uses the natural colors of the fibers to make into 50 gram balls for happy knitting fingers.