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The Basics of Sock Knitting Class

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Join Holger Auffenberg at Loop (@generalhogbuffer) to learn how to knit socks! 

The Basics of Sock Knitting is taught over three consecutive Saturdays at 2.5 hours each for a total of 7.5 hours of instruction. 

Saturday - 27th April, 4th May and 11th of May (11 am - 1:30 pm)

A class for intermediate or confident beginner knitters who always wanted to knit socks but were a bit intimidated by the construction involved. How to work a heel, and how to put it in the right place. Do I need a gusset, and what actually IS a gusset??? How do I get my socks to fit me? Or my loved ones? We will work through all the questions you may have and make sure you understand the basic construction techniques at the heart of a well-fitting sock.

We will cover:

  • The anatomy of a sock – what are the different parts, and what are the options for each.
  • Choosing the right yarn/needle combination to suit your individual preference
  • How to knit socks in different sizes for different needs
  • Things to look out for when using a commercial sock pattern
  • How to go beyond the plain classic sock

Materials info

*You will be provided with yarn and needles on the day. We will have double point needles available to use but if you prefer to use circular needles please bring your own or you can purchase them here.

2.5mm and at least 80 cm in length is recommended.

A pattern for a classic, top-down sock with a heel flap & gusset construction will be sent out to participants ahead of the course to read through and mark areas of particular difficulty.

Please also bring a notebook & pen to take notes; we will endeavour to work through a whole sock during the 3 weeks of the course, but if you will work the second sock by yourself, these notes will be invaluable.

About Holger:

Introduced to the art of knitting by a prolific grandmother, Holger’s true commitment to the craft unfolded during a career hiatus in 2007. Initially drawn to the concise nature of finished items like socks, his focus shifted to the technical intricacies of crafting well-fitting heels. Exploring various possibilities and manipulating shapes became a central theme in his designs. A valued contributor to publications and a regular participant in the Amirisu Sock Club and Amirisu Magazine, Holger seamlessly blends over two decades of professional experience in classic men's tailoring with his passion for knitting. His work reflects a unique fusion of traditional expertise and contemporary creativity, showcasing a keen eye for aesthetics and technical mastery.