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Julie Arkell - after much hesitation...

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Part of the 2023 collection for Loop. Signed and dated.

after much hesitation i wote a short story to explain myself to the owls.

Discover a unique piece of art with Julie Arkell's handmade paper-mâché sculpture, "after much hesitation i wrote a short story to explain myself to the owls"
Each Julie Arkell piece is lovingly crafted with whimsical stitch and knit details. 

Sculpture piece by Julie Arkell.
Signed and dated by Julie Arkell.

making: paper mache, knitting, embroidery, and stitching.

materials: paper-mache, fabrics, paint, yarn, and threads.

Height: 30cm (just under 12")

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and they are not returnable.
Handmade in England.