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NONA Naturally Dyed Indigo Cotton Thread Bundles

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Our newest naturally dyed cotton thread bundles from Rika Stein in Japan (formerly of Temaricious).

Little bundles that are hand-dyed in Japan for Loop using natural indigo dyes. 

Price is for one individual ball.

Handmade and hand-dyed.
100% cotton
140 metres each.

All of the bundles of thread are dyed using plant-based and natural dyes in Tokyo, Japan.

Temari wrapping thread - 
Perfect for embroidery, jewellery making, any kind of stitching. 
So precious and beautiful.

Beautiful for embroidery or very fine crochet.
100% Cotton.
Minimum 5 grams/140 metres.

Dyed with the following:
iB1 - Indigo
iB2 - Indigo
iB3 - Indigo

iB6 - Indigo
iB9 - Indigo
iB21 - Indigo
iE3 - Logwood + Indigo

G3 - Onion + Indigo
iG8 - Philadelphia Fleabane + Indigo

G13 - Indigo + Onion
iG11 - Philadelphia Fleabane + Indigo

iG15 - Indigo + Onion
iG22 - Indigo + Onion
iM1 - Indigo
iM5 - Indigo
iP2 - Cochineal + Indigo

iP6 - Indigo + Cochineal