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Untold Imprint

Untold Imprint

Untold Imprint is the beautiful handmade work of Phoebe Stout.
She is the founder, designer, and maker behind Untold Imprint. The items that we stock at Loop are hand-dyed textiles in the form of beautiful garlands and mobiles. Some of them are dyed using natural plant dyes. They are all beautiful and whimsical.

"I started my life as a textile designer 17 years ago after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
I’m often asked what 'Untold Imprint' means. It’s difficult to explain in a few moments all that it means to me, and why it came to be in the first place, but this is how I usually start…

I welcome and encourage imperfection in everything I make because it leaves my trace. Lifting the screen from newly printed fabric usually has an unexpected outcome. I like to think of it as discovering something hidden, an untold story imprinted into every piece.
My favorite materials are: unbleached cotton, hemp, and linen, especially textiles with lots of irregularities or slubs – those that show evidence of the human hand. And of course, old textiles – the more worn and threadbare, the better.
A few things that inspire me are: old photographs (from the 1930’s are my favorite), antique markets, nature walks with Alice, vintage textiles, India, historical documentaries about the United States, my niece ("Peanut"), and the handmade community.