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Moel View

Moel View

Natural, Botanical Dyes - on darling yarns and pure ethically sourced wool. Wales.

Loop is incredibly excited and proud to be stocking Moel View yarns.

Overlooking 'Moel Famau' - the tallest peak of the Clwydian range in North Wales, Paula uses only the finest yarns and gently hand dyes each skein with thought and care, using natural botanical ingredients to create colours that truly reflect the natural landscape and changing seasons.

"..I always use natural dyes, mostly extracted from plants, roots and barks, some of which have been found and foraged from the kitchen, my garden, the hills, the fields...

Natural dyes captivate, they produce the most cohesive, beautiful colour. They are naturally variable and this is what makes the results so desirable-the skein you buy will be completely unique to the specific dyestuff, when it was harvested and how it was applied. Natural colours age with charm.

That is beauty. "

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